GDPR Nuggets: GDPR Nugget 2 – Sharing GDPR!

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As the countdown to 25th May 2018 approaches, I’d like to share some encouraging thoughts, ideas and recommendations.

Introducing #GDPR Nuggets!  Whether you are on the home stretch, in the thick of a compliance programme or  just starting out, I hope you find these short pieces useful.

#GDPR Nugget 2: Sharing GDPR!

If you haven’t already done so, arrange some workshops, attend meetings and share the news.  Take each opportunity to talk about what GDPR means for your business or organisation.  Ensure people know what it means for data subjects and how current attitudes towards privacy and data need to change.

Ensuring staff and colleagues are trained and have appropriate awareness is a key requirement under the regulation (Article 39).

Go forth, all prophets of data protection & privacy!

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