GDPR Nuggets: GDPR Nugget 3 – Still looking where to start?

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GDPR Nuggets - GDPR Nugget 3

As the countdown to 25th May 2018 approaches, I’d like to share some encouraging thoughts, ideas and recommendations.

Introducing #GDPR Nuggets!  Whether you are on the home stretch, in the thick of a compliance programme or  just starting out, I hope you find these short pieces useful.

#GDPR Nugget 3: Still looking where to start?

If you’ve not started a GDPR programme, it’s definitely not too late!  The 25th May 2018 may only be a few days away but it’s important to remember:

  • The 25th is just the start, not a hard deadline.
  • GDPR is about taking a good look at how you currently process and handle personal data.
  • Think long term!  Planning for now and the future – data protection is a continuous requirement.
  • Organisations are taking action to improve the standards of protecting privacy of data subjects (the likes of you and I)
  • Data subjects will have greater rights over how their data is processed and by whom in many cases.

If you’re just starting out and looking for a solid starting point, I recommend reading the ICO’s ’12 Steps’ document.

In my next update, I’ll be touching on who to look towards for further guidance, support or consultancy, amid the flood of GDPR ‘experts’.

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Link to ICO’s 12 Steps: