Privacy Notice

Hi, I’m Ian Edwards and The IT Spot is my personal blogging site.  If you’d like to know more then please visit my About page.

I have no desire to collect personal data but by inviting comments on my articles means that it is inevitable I will.

If you submit a comment to one of my blog posts I will review and approve it, providing it complies with the comments policy.   Please think carefully before publishing a comment, as if approved it will forever be captured on the internet.   You can of course ask me to remove it from my site, but it is out of my hands if someone or something has caught it.  The internet is often referred to as the ‘Cloud’ and this article sums it up very nicely…..

I do receive emails alerting me if a site comment has been submitted.   Once a comment has been reviewed these emails are deleted from my email account within 2 months.

I will update this privacy notice as and when required.    If you have any comments or feedback please do get in touch.